(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [Having an unpleasant disposition]
Syn. difficult, grouchy, obnoxious, offensive; see irritable , rude 2 .
2. [Irritating; said of things and conditions ]
Syn. bothersome, unpleasant, upsetting, distasteful; see disturbing , offensive 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) a.
1. unpleasant offensive, repugnant, objectionable, repellant, distasteful, disgusting, repulsive, obnoxious, odious, negative, unwanted.
2. quarrelsome grouchy, bad-tempered, contentious, contrary, petulant, standoffish, cross, peevish, surly, irritable, nasty, churlish.
ANT.: 1. pleasant, welcome, nice. 2. easygoing, pleasant, good-humored
(Roget's Thesaurus II) adjective 1. Not pleasant or agreeable: bad, displeasing, offensive, uncongenial, unpleasant, unsympathetic. Informal: icky. Slang: yucky. See GOOD, PAIN. 2. Having or showing a bad temper: bad-tempered, cantankerous, crabbed, cranky, cross, fretful, grouchy, grumpy, ill-tempered, irascible, irritable, nasty, peevish, petulant, querulous, snappish, snappy, surly, testy, ugly, waspish. Informal: crabby, mean2. Idiom: out of sorts. See ATTITUDE.

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